Les Huilettes

Les Huilettes is a French brand and was developed by Claire and Pascale: two women who followed their hearts and turned their passion for high-quality organic skin, hair and body care into an eye-catching concept. In all simplicity and always authentic. All formulas are vegan and Cosmos/Ecocert certified and, of course, free of microplastics. Les Huilettes adds a pure wellness feeling to your skincare routine and the Night serum is a shining example: thanks to its high-quality composition and essential oils, this serum is the perfect base for a relaxing facial yoga and a guaranteed relaxing moment that helps promote a good night’s sleep! The complete range also includes delicious products for both hair and body, while (extra) sensitive skin can also be pampered with a Cream or Body oil without perfume or allergens.

Les Huilettes: a sensory moment of selfcare in your daily routine while your skin is effectively protected and nourished.